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Favourite iPhone Apps

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I’m a big fan of the iPhone. Although its feature set is quite meagre compared to other phones (only a 2 megapixel camera??) its strength comes from the Apple AppStore, which has hundreds of thousands of applications available for download, most of which are either free or only cost a few dollars.

Here are my favourite apps. I will update this post as I find other applications worthy of a download.

  • Google Mobile App (free): Has links to Google apps (such as Gmail, Calendar, etc) but the best feature is voice-enabled Google searches.  Never type in a Google search ever again!
  • Twitterriffic (free): A free, clean Twitter client.
  • Facebook (free): The official Facebook client.
  • MobileRSS (free): A free RSS reader. I trialled a few different RSS readers that integrate with Google Reader, but this one had the most visually pleasing interface.
  • Toodledo (paid): A task tracking app.  I use it every day to keep my To Do list.  It syncs with toodledo.com as well, so nothing’s lost.
  • Pocket Universe (paid): Awesome use of the iPhone 3GS for astronomy. Point it at the sky at night to find out what those stars are called.
  • Toilet Map (free): Funded by the Govt Dept of Health and Ageing, this app shows you where the nearest public toilets are to your location.  Cheaper and possibly more accurate than Toilet Mate.
  • Photogene (paid): Nice photo editing tool, when you absolutely need to edit your photos on the iPhone. More feature-rich than the Photoshop app, and well worth the $2.49.
  • RunKeeper (free): Essential for runners and cyclists.  It’ll show you your speed and pace at regular intervals on your run and also plot a map of the course you took.  It also has a great web interface – all for free.
  • Shazam (free): Hold it up to any music source and it’ll tell you what the song is and provide links to iTunes and YouTube videos.  Awesome. Update: The original Shazam has been replaced with Shazam Encore, which is now a paid application.
  • Snaptell (free): Shazam for DVDs, CDs and books. Take a picture of a DVD, CD or book cover and it’ll tell you what it is and how much it is on Amazon, ebay, Wikipedia reviews, etc.  It’s US-based, but still useful.
  • iiQuota (free): Allows you to keep track of your download usage and phone call caps (works best with Optus)
  • OzWeather (paid): Nicer interface and more accurate than the standard one, and includes a 7-day outlook, current conditions and the radar (to spot your original location)
  • Metro Perth (paid): Up-to-date bus/train/ferry info.  The interface is a bit clunky, but it’s not bad.
  • Lightsaber Unleashed (free): Because lightsaber sounds are cool.
  • Screen cleaner (free): Doggy licking the screen. My youngest loves this app.

So what are your favourite apps? Post a comment to this post if you have any suggestions.


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1 December, 2009 at 10:47 pm

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