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Quick and Easy Mango Tree Shade Cover

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It is important to protect new mango trees with shade cloth for the first few years to give it the best chance of getting used to the harsh Perth climate. So to protect my newly planted tree, I built a simple cover out of stakes and shade cloth. It took about half an hour to construct:

Parts list:

  • 19x19mm 180cm hardwood stakes: $14 from Bunnings (for a bundle of 6, but you only need 4)
  • 19mm poly reticulation tubing: $8 for a pre-cut 20m roll from Bunnings (although you only need about 3m though)
  • 3 metres of 50% 1.83m wide shade cloth: $15 from Bunnings (for some reason 70% shade cloth was cheaper, but they had no stock)
  • Plastic cable ties: I already had some available, but they can be purchased at Bunnings too.
  • A sharp Stanley knife

What I did:

  1. Hammer the stakes into the ground around the tree, about a metre apart in a square shape.
  2. Shave the corners off the ends of the stakes with the Stanley knife. This makes it much easier to fit the tubing over the stakes. Watch your fingers!
  3. Cut two semi-circular pieces of tubing. The actual length will depend on how far apart your stakes are. I cut mine to about 120cm.
  4. Push the tubing onto the stakes, crossed over at the top.
  5. Using two cable ties, secure the crossed section of tubing at the top (see pic on the right).

  6. Place the shade cloth over the top and secure the bottom with cable ties. I folded the corners in to make it look a bit neater, but you could probably cut this off and secure with more cable ties.

  7. Water and wait for 1-2 years for mangoes 🙂

I’m sure you could save by buying a lot less poly tubing than I did, or using recycled materials. Good luck!


Written by Richard

19 November, 2009 at 9:33 pm

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